Ocarina Player and Instructor

Representative of Ongaku-de-Tsunagaru-Kai (Society of People united by Philharmony)











Atsuko KAWASAKI developed an early interest in music in her childhood. She had begun to play a clarinet since she was 12 years old. In her high school days, she belonged to a brass band. Then, she entered university and joined YNU orchestra. After she graduated from university, she became an elementary school teacher. She was too busy not to play a clarinet for a while.


In around 1997, Atsuko was so enchanted with ocarina’s warm, gentle sounds that she has begun musical performance activities again. She has done energetic solo or ensemble performances to want to express the ocarina’s charm to as many people as possible. To widen the possibilities of the ocarina’s performance, she actively plays with guitar, quena (Andes traditional flute), cello, violin, kantele (Finnish traditional harp), and so on.


Now, Atsuko guides many people in ocarina performance at community centers, culture centers and music shops in Saitama Pref. and Chiba Pref. She also teaches elementary school students in the comprehensive learning period.


In recent years, Atsuko makes tours of concerts not only in Japan but also worldwide.

In Europe:

Atsuko attended the International Ocarina Festival in Budrio, the birthplace of Ocarina, several times. In 2013, she appeared on the Gala Concert and Ocarina Concert at Accademia dei Notturni as a Japanese representative ocarinist. In 2011 and 2013, she also appeared on the Ocarina and Organ Concert at St. Agata Church, and played an ocarina with a pipe organ accompaniment.

In Asia:

Atsuko has been often invited by Asian countries’ ocarina associations, and played together.


Taiwan Ocarina Culture Interchange Association invited her to the regular concert 2013 in Taichung and 2015 in Chiayi. Taiwan Ocarina Orchestra invited her to the regular concert 2010, 2013, 2015 in Taichung. Rubato Ocarina Art Band of Taipei invited her to the regular concert 2010.

She often visited elementary schools to hold exchange concerts. Taiwanese national newspaper and television network reported on the exchange concerts.

South Korea:

She attended Hongseong International Ocarina Festival 2012 and Seoul International Ocarina Festival 2016 as one of invited players.